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Chan Meditation DDMBA London UK

Ch’an Mediation London is now a branch of by Dharma Drum Mountain, Taiwan (DDM) and are now known as Ch’an Meditation DDMBA London UK.  Learn more

Character for Chan, calligrapher is Chen Hung Chang

Character for Chan, calligrapher is Chen Hung Chang

禪 - A Chinese word pronounced as Ch’an, is a form of Buddhist teaching founded by Bodhidharma, an Indian monk who arrived in China in the late 5th century CE. By the 7th century, Ch’an was the dominant method of meditation; Ch’an masters and their literature have inspired generations of practitioners to the present day. Learn more.

Much later, Ch’an was transmitted from China first to Korea and then to Japan where it is know as Sen and Zen respectively.  Zen is better known in the West due to the spread of Japanese Buddhism after the Second World War when religious freedom on Mainland China was severely restricted. Gladly, today the situation on the Mainland is rapidly easing where Ch’an is thriving once more. Taiwan, however has led the way, served by monks who fled the Mainland in the 1940’s; one of these was Chan Master Sheng Yen 聖嚴法師 who founded Dharma Drum Mountain in Taiwan.

Chan Meditation DDMBA London UK  are here to promote this wonderful method of Ch’an and Chinese Mahayana Buddhism in the U.K. Below is our table of monthly events, all free but a donation is encouraged.  Please join us and experience it for yourself. 

Every Wednesday Evening6:30 - 8:30pmCh'an Meditation Reading and DiscussionSuitable for all levels - your preferred topic for discussion is welcomeNext Class
Every Saturday monthly 11:00am - 4:00pmclasses resume March 3rdInstructions are given when needed in the morning sessionGood training leading to the 5-day Silent Illumination retreat
Saturday Chan/Zen Foundation Training starting May 12th11:00am - 1:00pm
Every Saturday from May 12th to June 16th
Foundation Training for MeditationSuitable for all levelsNext Class
Annual 5-Day Silent Illumination Retreat
with Guo Yuan
Sept 11Sept 16thFor all levelsDharma talk, meditation instruction, interviewsDetails
Annual Programme:
Silent Ch'an Retreats: 1-day, week-end, 5-day, 7-day
Picnic Meditation in the Park, museum visits, guided tour of Buddhist exhibits.
These events will be advertised on popular social media closer to the event..
All Classes are free of charge, donations are encouraged.
Retreats are not free as venues, food, lodging, bedding all come at a cost.
In helping to improve our facilities, we welcome your suggestions.
All for the sake of Dharma.
We look forward to seeing you at any or all of our events.
Annual Events:
Public Ch'an Talk
Ch'an Training
3-5 day Silent Ch'an Retreat
All classes are free of charge, your generous donation is appreciated in aid of expenses occurred.