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Silent Illumination is becoming one of the more popular meditative methods in the West.    It is one of the two meditation methods that were introduced by the Ch’an School in China.    Developed by Ch’an Master Hongzhi Zhenjue (1091-1157) of the Caodong School (曹洞宗), it is a method that marries both calming and insight meditation. Ch’an Master Shengyen of DDM Taiwan revived this practice for use today.

The retreat will b e held at the Cold Ash Retreat Centre, Thatcham is just under an hour from London Paddington Station.    Free pick-up service can be arranged on request, otherwise a 10 or 15 minute taxi ride is available at your own expense.    Free Car park facilities are available for those who choose to drive to the venue    The retreat will taken by Guo Yuan, a close disciple of the late Ch’an Master Sheng Yen.  He will lead a 5-day Silent Illumination retreat on his second trip to London on the 11th- 16th of September, 2018.

It will begin on Tuesday September 11th, 2018 with your arrival between 4 and 5pm and will finish on Sunday September 16th after lunch.    The daily routine will be undertaken in the noble silence and consist of rising at 4am for early morning meditation at 4:30 and retiring at 10pm.

The meditation practice will consist of a series of 30 and 45 minute sitting sessions interspersed with light exercise, walking meditation inside and outside, work practice, group and individual interviews with he Ch’an teacher and Dharma talks both conducted by Ven. Guo Yuan.

What is provided during the retreat period?    Meditation cushions and mats but no kneeling stools; three vegetarian meals, tea and coffee are served daily; bedding is provided but you must bring your own toiletries, such as toothbrush, etc.; single rooms are available with no extra cost, but on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

To reserve a place, download the application form and information sheet, returning the completed form with the required deposit or full payment.    Please see the section on ‘Booking Details’ where this is fully explained.    Also attached to the application form is the information sheet that gives important further details of the retreat, travel directions and methods of payment.


Please contact Orca for further questions: orca@chanmeditationlongon.org


Also see attached booking form: