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2-Day Silent Illumination Retreat Dec 5-7th 2014

Silent Illumination is one of two meditation methods  that were introduced by the Chan  School in China.  Developed by Chan Master Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157) of the Caodong (曹洞宗).  It is a method that marries both calming and insight meditation.  Chan Master Shengyen revived this practice for use today. 

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Two-day Ch’an Silent Illumination Retreat:
Date: Fri-Sun Dec 5-7th
Start: Check-in from 4pm Friday the 5th.
End: 2:30pm Sunday the 7th
Place: St. Cuthman’s Retreat Centre, Horsham, West Sussex

Guo Gu will give a talk on the Ch'an Path to Freedom

Guo Gu will give a talk on the Ch’an Path to Freedom

Guo Gu was a close disciple of Chan Master Sheng-yen and is now an Associate Professor at Florida State University.  He is a rare individual, having both a long experience as a meditation monk with Sheng-yen and being academically trained to speak on Chinese Buddhism.  Articulate in both Chinese and English, he is DDMBA London’s teacher, conducting a class annually for us on Chan practice and meditation.  He is personally visiting London in December to deliver this public talk and give a two-day Silent Illumination retreat.