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The necessity for meditation lays in the chaotic lives that we live where thought upon thought clouds our reasoning and prevents us from thinking clearly and making the right decisions in our lives.  Further, with our minds immersed in the external (things and people) and the relationships arising from past encounters and future expectations, our appreciation of what is ‘real’ is skewed.

2500 years ago, the Buddha was aware of this in his own life when he began his journey to liberation and through compassion for others, he taught this path for 45 years until his Nirvana. The Buddha’s realisation and guidance is as relevant today as then and as relevant for Mahayana as well as Theravadin practitioners.

In his first teaching, the Four Noble Truths, and in the fourth of these, the Noble Eightfold Path, he provided a guide for your practice aimed at enabling others to advance toward liberation through a holistic approach to life.  Central to the Noble Eightfold Path is meditation.

Below is a series of articles and videos on meditation that you may find informative and useful.  At all times you should seek the instruction of a qualified meditation teacher rather than simply reading about meditation.

Video Meditation Instruction 'Chan Path to Freedom'A series of 8 videos by Guo Gu given at DDMBA San Francisco link
Beginning MeditationA short introduction to meditation Beginning Meditation
PreparationThe mechanics of sitting so that you can meditate more easilyPreparation
Initiating MediationCreating a space and the relaxation method prior to meditationInitiating Meditation
The Meditation SessionGuided instruction on meditationThe Meditation Session
Common ProblemsThe problems that usually occur with meditaters and suggested solutionsCommon Problems