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Who We Are



Chang Sui inspects the Ch'an Hall at our first 7-day retreat

Chang Sui inspects the Ch’an Hall at our first 7-day retreat

Ch’an Meditation London (CML),  was founded in August 2010 to promote the teaching of traditional Chinese Mahayana Buddhism in general and Chinese Ch’an in particular.  The emphasis is on meditation and on learning the Dharma by qualified meditation teachers, monks and through Dharma discussion.  On a monthly basis we hold a one-day meditation workshop, Dharma discussion group, evening meditation as well as calligraphy lessons. 

“Traditional Chinese Mahayana Buddhism has been largely misinterpreted not only by Chinese but by westerners also.” (Chan Master Sheng Yen 聖嚴法師)

In 2012 CML established its annual 7-day August retreat led by Ven. Ji Cheng and two other monks from Dharma Drum Mountain which continues to this day.  On the 10th of July, 2013, the organisation received confirmation from Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (DDMBA) of our appointment as a branch of Dharma Drum Mountain, Taiwan.  This was a watershed moment in the development of our organisation and our name has consequently changed to Ch’an Meditation DDMBA London UK.

The Organisation

Practitioners recover following a meditation session

Practitioners recover following a meditation session

Ch’an Meditation DDMBA London UK is an echo of Master Sheng-yen’s vows to bring Ch’an meditation to the west and to illuminate the true teaching of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism to westerners and Chinese.  Orca’s goal is to found a centre in greater London with a resident monk or nun to lead meditation and instruct us in the orthodox teaching of Dharma.  She believes that the organisation would be best served by a mixture of Chinese and westerners since often the westerners are often more focused on meditation while the Chinese are good at interpreting Chinese culture reflected in Mahayana teaching. 

Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM)

DDM was founded by Master Sheng Yen, who became a monastic in his youth in China but was forced to flee to Taiwan in the late 1940s when the communists took power there.  By the time he acquired his PhD in Japan, he vowed to bring the true teaching of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism to the west and to found Chan centres world-wide. He worked tirelessly to fulfil these vows, founding Dharma Drum Mountain in Taiwan, now the headquarters.  Today there are 35 affiliates (including ourselves) that offer Ch’an meditation and Dharma under the auspices of DDM.  DDM themselves are relatively young and they are training monks and nuns with language skills with the view of continuing the propagation of Ch’an world-wide.

Appeal for support

Ch’an Meditation DDMBA London is only three years old and we support a full range of monthly activities.  We are looking for new members to our organisation to add their uniqueness to our organisation.  Whether it is helping with the physical work, the use of car when needed, donations or web authoring, all are welcome to join us.  Please contact us for further information: