5 Best Meditation Apps to Calm Your Mind

5 Best Meditation Apps to Calm Your Mind

We all know that meditation is a great way to reduce stress and improve our overall well-being. There are many ways to meditate, but one of the best ways is by using apps on your phone. This blog post will provide you with 5 different apps that can help you learn how to meditate or use meditation techniques at any time.

Simply Being

This app is great for meditating with your eyes open. It has three different modes that you can choose from, each lasting between 20-30 minutes. You are able to set a meditation timer and the option of background sounds to help enhance your experience.

Guided Meditation VR

If you’re looking for something more virtual reality related then this is the perfect app for you. With this app, you can explore a variety of virtual environments and listen to the meditation sessions that have been designed specifically for each environment.

Insight Timer

This is another great app with plenty of different guided meditations in various lengths (ranging from two minutes to 60+ minutes) and categories such as sleep, mindfulness, and anxiety. It is perfect for people who struggle to find the time to meditate as you can integrate meditation into your everyday life.

Simple Habit

This app is perfect for users who are looking for a quick five-minute session or want something more in-depth with longer sessions available too. It provides plenty of different categories, including sleep and anxiety relief which will help improve the quality of your mind and body quickly. It is perfect for busy people who want five minutes of meditation during the workday.


This app is perfect for beginners who are new to meditation and want something simple. It has one of the largest selections of guided meditations with plenty of different categories, including sleep and anxiety relief which will help improve your mind quickly. This makes it ideal for people who struggle to find time throughout their day or need some guidance when they can’t focus.  ZenFriend also has daily meditation challenges to help you reach your goals. It’s free, but it does contain some ads if you don’t want to upgrade for $0.99 per month or $11.95 per year.

These apps are perfect for someone that is first starting out on their meditation journey and have trouble getting calm and focusing their mind.  Meditation isn’t hard but it helps to have some guidance when you are starting out, if you can’t meet with a guide then apps are the next best thing.

3 Myths about Meditation

3 Myths about Meditation

Meditation is a hot topic these days. It’s being talked about in the media, and meditation apps are even reaching number one on Apple’s app store. However, meditation can be a tricky thing to do for many people. In this blog post we’re going to go over some of the most common myths that meditation has faced so far.

Myth #1: It’s Hard to Learn Meditation

This myth has been around meditation for years, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Although meditation can become more complex when you’re trying to meditate in certain ways or with different meditation tools, it’s still fairly simple – even if you don’t have much experience! The first step in learning to meditate is to learn how to clear your mind.

This is actually more difficult than it sounds for many people, but meditation apps like Buddhify can help you learn how to catch yourself when you’re thinking of other things and get back on track with meditation – without becoming too frustrated. These meditation aids make learning meditation easier and they give beginners exactly what they need in order to start.

Myth #2: It is a Religious or Spiritual Practice

This is a common myth about meditation, but it’s just that – a myth! While meditation can be incorporated into spiritual or religious practices and beliefs, you don’t have to subscribe to any particular religion in order for meditation to work.

In fact, many people who practice meditation do so because they want more peace of mind without subscribing to one specific faith or another. There are plenty of meditation techniques that are completely secular, which makes meditation an excellent practice for anyone who wants to learn how to better manage their thoughts and feelings without subscribing to a certain set of beliefs.

Myth #3: You Need Lots of Time and Space

Another common myth about meditation is that you need lots of time in order to meditate – like hours at a time! However, this isn’t true either. While it’s possible (and recommended) to take your meditation practice slowly while working up the number of minutes you spend doing daily meditation every day; even five or ten minutes can make a big difference when developing mindfulness skills and learning how best to cope with stress or anxiety.

Meditation can be of benefit to anyone of any level of experience, so don’t be scared off by the meditation myths you might have heard. Download an app or watch a video on basic meditation techniques and you’ll be meditating in no time.